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The good, the bad & the ugly:

Private equity through Covid

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Professor Ludovic Phalippou 
 Ludovic is the author of the bestseller 'Private Equity Laid Bare', and professor of Financial Economics at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. He specialises in private market investments with a focus on fee tracking, interest alignment, and return benchmarking.  
Vindi Banga
Vindi Banga is a partner at private equity firm Clayton Dubilier & RiceHe is the former President, Foods, Home and Personal Care and member of the Executive Board at Unilever. Previously, Mr. Banga served as President, Home and Personal Care Asia and as Chairman and Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Unilever's operating company in India.  

Our speakers

Leadership in Extraordinary Times

Private equity has had a significant impact on organisations during the pandemic and not always in a positive way.

The Good: Private equity helped many companies to respond to the events of the last year and thrive.

The Bad : The high levels of debt incurred by private equity hurt many PE-controlled companies during the pandemic, resulting in some high-profile bankruptcies.

The Ugly: Other highly-indebted PE-controlled companies were rescued by the taxpayer, leading to resentment and a sense of capitalism for the rich and communism for the poor.

Vindi Banga and Ludovic Phalippou will discuss these differing views and separate the truth from the fiction.

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Wednesday 5 May, 10-11.00 BST